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Massage Workshop for Performing Artists & Athletes

Have the ability to take care of your body and help others by learning massage therapy techniques work to release blockages and tight over used muscles. With a resilient body, you can move efficiently and effectively.

  • Learn for yourself how you can massage and mobilize your own body
  • Relax your muscles and deal with pre-existing injuries or prevent new injuries
  • Help your friends
  • For when you are unable to see a specialist
  • Tune your own body in between rehearsals, classes, performances, teaching, and other work. Learn what you can do to help yourself!!

​Massage therapy is typically thought of as a luxury. However as a performer and athlete, it is imperative that one take care of his/her body to have the best and longest lasting career possible.  When your muscles are relaxed at rest, and “metabolic debris” is released and removed, the body has the availability to snap into action. Through these workshops you can learn helpful massage techniques and take care of your body!

This is an incredible opportunity for performing artists and athletes. Massage therapy can be accessible and affordable! (through your own hands!)


Howard is a miracle worker! I am a dancer and for the past several months my hips have been getting progressively tighter to the point where my movement was restricted so much that I thought I might have torn something. 

I used to assume that my muscles were supposed to be hard to the touch, however then I stumbled upon a Massage Workshop for Dancers led by Howard. I learned that muscles should in fact be malleable and that with the wear and tear of dance, debris builds and blocks blood circulation, heightening the risk of injury. Howard enlightened us to the fact that one should be able to lift the fascia off the muscle through a technique called "skin rolling," in order to clear the debris and allow space for circulation. 

After just two classes with Howard, in which we were shown techniques and given the opportunity to practice on a partner, I noticed a significant change in my body. I immediately contacted Howard and set up an appointment to have a massage with him, which was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my career.

I can't get over how much better my body feels! My range of motion has increased so much and I can finally move my body again. For the past few months, I have not been able to dance as much as I would like to, however now I feel like I have a new body and can dance for hours on end. I realized that I had no idea how differently my body could feel until I experienced it firsthand, and now I know that I will never let myself return to the restriction I had before. Howard has taught me that internal maintenance of your muscles should be just as important as the daily practice of brushing your teeth. 

Not only did Howard alleviate my hip pain, but he also gave me the tools and knowledge to continue to care for my muscles in order to have a long-lasting career. He truly cares to share his knowledge in order to help others. 

If you are experiencing any sort of pain in your body, especially as a dancer or other athlete, know that it does not have to stay that way and do yourself the greatest favor by going to see Howard.

Nikki T.

Massage Workshop for Couples

This workshop is customized to meet the needs of couples or partners in crime. The goal is to teach or introduce effective therapeutic touch to people who have any level of experience.

In this 2-3 hour workshop you will learn great techniques to optimize the health of your partners body. You may repeat workshops to improve your skill and to learn more awesome techniques.

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