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I am genetically prone to chronic back pain.  Before meeting Howard, I was on a 1-year national tour with a performing arts company.  What that meant was a lot of traveling – i.e a lot of sitting on planes and buses.  My lower back was constantly stiff and there was always a deep aching somewhere near the sacrum that I couldn’t quite get to.  On tour, we visited a different city every week for a year - and so, I saw a different massage therapist in each city.  While my symptoms were sometimes alleviated for a couple of days, the pain always returned with the same severity.  It was not until working with Howard that I realized that a good massage therapist not only alleviates the pain, but can actually fix the problem.  Howard made a problem I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life, go away.  While he worked on me, he would usually work from head to toe but sometimes he would just focus on one particular area if he felt the need – and it was never the spot that was actually sore; instead he worked the spot that was the reason why I was sore.   And that is what makes Howard’s work unique.

If I were prone to hyperbole, I still would not be able to do verbal justice to Howard’s talent as a massage therapist.  It is not just his knowledge of the body and its musculature (while that in itself is quite impressive) that makes him so exceptional, but also his understanding of pressure points and other key areas that allow him to target problems more effectively than any other massage or physical therapist that I have worked with.   I now consider Howard to be a good friend, but also I regard him with a sort of awe for what he was able to do for my muscle pain.   There are certainly others that one can go to for a quick fix or even a short-term fix, but there is truly only one Howard Mermelstein. 

Ann Kim

I highly recommend Howard's bodywork which in my opinion is an extremely therapeutic blend of Massage and "Rolfing" (both of which I have studied and practice).  I was lucky enough to receive some sessions from Howard while he was in Maui and wish he lived here so that I would be able to receive sessions regularly from him.  As a bodyworker myself I tend to seek out master craftsmen to get work from for myself and Howard is definitely one of them.  He is highly trained, knowledgeable, intuitive, dedicated and genuinely a nice person to share space with.  He worked with me so that my pain was gone and I felt fantastic at the end of the session.  If you're looking for focused work to help change your body and lead to a more pain free existence Howard is definitely one to help you achieve your goals.

Laura Cavanaugh LMT