Myofascial Bio RejuvenationSM


Howard's giving nature accommodates his skills of precision, relaxed presence, and direct approach. Howard knows how to release whole muscle groups. I know I am in the best hands the moment I book an appointment with him. I celebrate double fortune with Howard's mastery: receiving his massage and adopting some key moves into the massages I give. All my clients benefit as well.

- Kathy Lynn Wood, LMT

I highly recommend Howard's bodywork, which, in my opinion, is an extremely therapeutic blend of Massage and "Rolfing" (both of which I have studied and practice). I was lucky enough to receive some sessions from Howard while he was in Maui and wish he lived here so that I would be able to receive sessions regularly from him. As a bodyworker myself I tend to seek out master craftsmen to get work from for myself and Howard is definitely one of them. He is highly trained, knowledgeable, intuitive, dedicated and genuinely a nice person to share space with. He worked with me so that my pain was gone and I felt fantastic at the end of the session. If you're looking for focused work to help change your body and lead to a more pain free existence Howard is definitely one to help you achieve your goals.
- Lauren Cavanaugh, LMT

I am a NYS licensed Massage therapist and a graduate of the Swedish Institute. I have a private practice and also work part time at a health club. Howard Mermelstein mentored me on massage mobilization techniques and myofascial work. Howard is a very generous, incredibly knowledgeable and gifted teacher. He has helped me a great deal in refining my work and effortlessly, increasing my massage clientele. After working with Howard for a few sessions, three things happened. The first was, almost every client I saw rescheduled for the following week. They were experiencing less pain, getting more range of motion in just one session and had more awareness about their issue. My work is more precise and focused, targeting contractures, especially in the neck, shoulders, hip and leg muscles. Secondly, at the health club, the 50 minute sessions never seemed enough time to fit in requests for a full body massage, and focus on my several specific areas of concern. After working with Howard, I actually had time left over. My client-centered work had less fluff and more engagement. Third, I learned to go with the pace of my clients, slowly incorporating the new techniques Howard is teaching me. One technique is to work on a sore, oxygen deprived area, allow it to rest and return to it afterwards. This not only allows my clients to fully integrate the work, but they have a framework and the language to better assess and communicate their experience. My regular and even new clients comment on how focused my work had become.One new client said that I got to the sore spot right away and so he was able to relax the rest of the massage. Howard's training helps me think and analyze the effectiveness of my work in a supportive environment. Howard often asks, what do I want to accomplish using a specific stroke or what am I going to do next? Now I have the tools to answer those questions.

​- Pascale Solages-Josephson, LMT, MSEd

I just finished a 1.5hr prenatal massage using mostly MBR. The outcome was incredible. After the session the client said, “that was the most beneficial massage I’ve ever had and I can see my knees again.” She is due in 3 weeks. Thank you, Howard.


I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 4. Every year the spinal curvature and pain got significantly worse. Every massage therapist I saw would give me temporary relief, if any.  Every doctor I saw convinced me that surgery was my only option.  After my first few sessions with Howard, they were proven wrong. I knew my life was about to take a change for the better which was completely unfathomable. Howard’s alacrity and ability to motivate anyone has resulted in me having hope and dropping my fear of being stuck living the rest of my life in pain. Individuals like Howard are few and far between. It is my sincere hope that everyone in need of physical assistance will take the opportunity to work with him because it will be a life changing experience.  If every therapist was to commit themselves with the same level of enthusiasm that Howard expresses in his work, we would undoubtedly be living in a much happier and pain-free world.
- Lauren Source

After suffering with chronic upper and lower back pain for years, I'm pain free on most days thanks to Howard’s knowledge of muscle pathology and hard work. As a physician in private practice Internal Medicine, I was skeptical of what massage would be able to do for me, but now I am a believer. In every field there are practitioners with average competence and there are the pros — Howard is a pro.
- Bruce Champagne, MD

After my massage, my body felt ten years younger and two inches taller!
- Michael Elisberg

Performing eight shows in Hand to God should have left me with a lifetime of joint problems and pain. Instead, thanks to working regularly with Howard, I'm stronger and fitter than I've ever been in my life. If you think you've tried everything and nothing can possibly help, it's not true — Howard helps.

- Steven Boyner, Actor

I am a professional dancer who consistently needs to take care of my body to stay working. I've been getting Howard's treatments for over ten years now. I have tried so many different kinds of treatments and Howard's work is the only thing that instantly helps and keeps my body at its best. His style of treatment has helped to prevent my body from injury, increase my flexibility and decrease any physical and emotional stress. I am so grateful for his work. Howard is truly a healer. 
- Olivia Cipolla, Dancer/Choreographer

Howard ​Mermelstein aided me with my COPD by massaging my chest in such a way I was able to breathe when my mechanical aides of life fell short of easing my breathing. When I last broke my hip, he helped me to walk again even after arthritis plagued me from many fractures from World War II. This young man has healing hands and positive energy. I endorse him for my 88 years and hope he continues his medical field to help many more people.

- Mr. Sol Sadicario, Veteran, Distinguished Flying Cross

I am genetically prone to chronic back pain.  Before meeting Howard, I was on a 1-year national tour with a performing arts company.  What that meant was a lot of traveling (i.e a lot of sitting on planes and buses). My lower back was constantly stiff and there was always a deep aching somewhere near the sacrum that I couldn’t quite get to. On tour, we visited a different city every week for a year - and so, I saw a different massage therapist in each city.  While my symptoms were sometimes alleviated for a couple of days, the pain always returned with the same severity. It was not until working with Howard that I realized that a good massage therapist not only alleviates the pain but can actually fix the problem. Howard made a problem I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life go away.  While he worked on me, he would usually work from head to toe but sometimes he would just focus on one particular area if he felt the need – and it was never the spot that was actually sore; instead, he worked the spot that was the reason why I was sore — that is what makes Howard’s work unique. If I were prone to hyperbole, I still would not be able to do verbal justice to Howard’s talent as a massage therapist. It is not just his knowledge of the body and its musculature (while that in itself is quite impressive) that makes him so exceptional, but also his understanding of pressure points and other key areas that allow him to target problems more effectively than any other massage or physical therapist that I have worked with. I regard Howard with a sort of awe for what he was able to do for my muscle pain. There are certainly others that one can go to for a quick fix or even a short-term fix, but there is truly only one Howard Mermelstein.

- Ann Kim

I had always thought of massage as a luxury, a way of pampering myself...which in my busy life never managed to be a priority. My first massage with Howard changed all that. Through his masterful touch and wealth of information, I now realize how important therapeutic, full body massage is to eliminating toxic waste buildup, supporting my endocrine system and maintaining my overall health throughout my senior years. It's now my top priority!

- Bernice Gordon 

Howard is a miracle worker! I am a dancer and for the past several months my hips have been getting progressively tighter to the point where my movement was restricted so much that I thought I might have torn something. I used to assume that my muscles were supposed to be hard to the touch, however then I stumbled upon a Massage Workshop for Dancers led by Howard. I learned that muscles should in fact be malleable and that with the wear and tear of dance, debris builds and blocks blood circulation, heightening the risk of injury. Howard enlightened us to the fact that one should be able to lift the fascia off the muscle through a technique called "skin rolling," in order to clear the debris and allow space for circulation. After just two classes with Howard, in which we were shown techniques and given the opportunity to practice on a partner, I noticed a significant change in my body. I immediately contacted Howard and set up an appointment to have a massage with him, which was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my career. I can't get over how much better my body feels! My range of motion has increased so much and I can finally move my body again. For the past few months, I have not been able to dance as much as I would like to, however now I feel like I have a new body and can dance for hours on end. I realized that I had no idea how differently my body could feel until I experienced it firsthand, and now I know that I will never let myself return to the restriction I had before. Howard has taught me that internal maintenance of your muscles should be just as important as the daily practice of brushing your teeth. Not only did Howard alleviate my hip pain, but he also gave me the tools and knowledge to continue to care for my muscles in order to have a long-lasting career. He truly cares to share his knowledge in order to help others. If you are experiencing any sort of pain in your body, especially as a dancer or other athlete, know that it does not have to stay that way and do yourself the greatest favor by going to see Howard.

-Nikki T., Dancer