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Howard's giving nature accommodates his skills of precision, relaxed presence, and direct approach. Howard knows how to release whole muscle groups. I know I am in the best hands the moment I book an appointment with him. I celebrate double fortune with Howard's mastery: receiving his massage and adopting some key moves into the massages I give. All my clients benefit as well.

​Kathy Lynn Wood L.M.T.

Pain is like a traffic jam in your system - a block of circulation, energy, and blood. I work with your whole body to restore the smooth flow of energy and circulation throughout, releasing pain quickly. If you have tissue and liquids and energy moving unimpeded, then pain goes away.

This massage approach evaluates and looks for the possible origins of your pain then modifies the session to achieve the best results. It's a long-term solution for your pain, never a quick band-aid fix. To fix the pain and tension in the case of the neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles, for example, we'll fix chronic postural issues throughout the body. The massage work breaks up some of these chronic, insidious postural problems which are working against you, yet which you may not even be aware of. These chronic problems, left to atrophy or hypertrophy, lead to pain, tension, and fatigue. In turn, producing relaxation, energy, and that youthful feeling in your body.

All of your body's interconnected systems are like a highway system - if there is a blockage in one area, it can cause backups throughout the entire system. 

Howard's ultimate goal in your massage is to turn on your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and calm your sympathetic system (fight or flight). Basically, to help your body feel soft and limber again on the massage table, like a Raggedy Ann doll. When you get off the table, you feel light, energized, and bathed in a sense of wellness.

Howard's clients often see dramatic changes in the course of just one session. For example, one client, Michael Elisberg - a 33 year old author who spends hours writing at his computer every day - recently told me "After my massage, my body felt ten years younger and two inches taller!".