Myofascial Bio RejuvenationSM


​Howard Mermelstein, LMT has been a manual massage therapist and educator for over 30 years. After receiving aggressive hands-on therapy to treat his own respiratory condition, Howard developed Myofascial Bio RejuvenationSM (MBRSM). Unlike traditional massage approaches that only offer temporary relief, MBRSM targets the root cause of pain, along with the compensating muscle groups, to provide lasting change; often, after just one session. It’s for this very reason that New York’s top cycling instructors, professional athletes, hedge-fund managers, executives and dancers rely on Howard to maintain peak performance.

As an approved provider of the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), Howard has taught both private courses as well as public workshops at the Swedish Institute, The Healing Hands Institute, the Academy for Massage. Overwhelmed by the positive response to his Postural Corrective Training, Howard decided to open his own teaching practice with a full MBRSM curriculum.


Myofascial Bio RejuvenationSM (MBRSM) is a revolutionary massage modality that uses highly effective decompression techniques and dynamic movements to bring instant relief from pain and restriction. Along with increased energy, flexibility and strength — regardless of age, health or fitness level— MBRSM  enhances physical appearance by reducing external puffiness and inflammation.

The body's interconnected systems can be thought of as a highway; pain is like a traffic jam — a block of circulation, energy, and blood that cause a backup throughout the entire system. Traditional approaches to massage, which press into the tissue and muscles, are the equivalent of trying to get through a traffic jam by ramming into the other cars to push them out of the way. It's no wonder that these approaches only offers temporary relief to pain! In contrast, MBRSM provides lasting change by "airlifting'" the congestion out of the way to restore the flow of energy and circulation throughout the whole body. MBRSM doesn’t just move restrictions; it RE-moves them. ​

The ultimate goal of MBRSM is to activate the parasympathetic nervous system ("rest and digest") and to deactivate the sympathetic system ("fight or flight"). By lifting tissue and fascial layers and pulling out stagnation, MBRSM cleanses the lymphatic and circulatory systems, improves lymphatic drainage, blood flow and nerve impulses, enhances venous return, releases pain and brings an overall sense of lightness to the body. Simply put, MBRSM is the most effective way to Get UnstuckSM.