Continuing Education

Continuing Education is vital to enhance an individual massage therapist's skill sets. Often we learn techniques and apply them in sessions seamlessly. At times the connection and smooth application of newly learned techniques needs the assistance of a coach to expedite mastery of the modality or specific techniques while nurturing the therapist's confidence and effectiveness.

Howard Mermelstein LMT has been New York State licensed since 1991. After receiving aggressive hands-on therapy to treat his own Asthma condition, Howard developed the Postural Corrective Method, which helps to restore the correct ergonomic positioning of the body. Howard is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider and has created the following courses approved by the continuing education credit. The following courses are also New York State approved for CE's:

​​I am a NYS licensed Massage therapist and a graduate of the Swedish Institute. I have a private practice and also work part time at a health club. Howard Mermelstein mentored me on massage mobilization techniques and Myofascial work. Howard is a very generous, incredibly knowledgeable and gifted teacher. He has helped me a great deal in refining my work and effortlessly, increasing my massage clientele. After working with Howard for a few sessions, three things happened.

The first was, almost every client I saw rescheduled for the following week. They were experiencing less pain, getting more range of motion in just one session and had more awareness about their issue. My work is more precise and focused, targeting contractures, especially in the neck, shoulders, hip and leg muscles.

Secondly, at the health club, the 50 minute sessions never seemed enough time to fit in requests for a full body massage, and focus on my several specific areas of concern. After working with Howard, I actually had time left over. My client-centered work had less fluff and more engagement.

Third, I learned to go with the pace of my clients, slowly incorporating the new techniques Howard is teaching me. One technique is to work on a sore, oxygen deprived area, allow it to rest and return to it afterwards. This not only allows my clients to fully integrate the work, but they have a framework and the language to better assess and communicate their experience. My regular and even new clients comment on how focused my work had become. One new client said that I got to the sore spot right away and so he was able to relax the rest of the massage.

Howard's training helps me think and analyze the effectiveness of my work in a supportive environment. Howard often asks, what do I want to accomplish using a specific stroke or what am I going to do next? Now I have the tools to answer those questions.

Pascale Solages-Josephson, LMT, MSEd

Postural Corrective Massage for Scoliosis Teaser.

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